Dialysis Machines

Gambro AK 95 S dialysis machine

  • We can supply Dialysis machines of  both
    • Brand New with Warranty
    • Refurbish with Warranty
  • The Gambro AK 95 S dialysis machine is designed to make dialysis treatment as simple as possible.
  • Most operating functions are automated.
  • The machine is just 35 cm wide and weighs only 62 kg, so it’s easy to move, store and fit with the optional Gambro WRO 95 water purification unit.
  • With its smaller dimensions and ease of use, the AK 95 S is a smart solution in environments where space is at a premium, or where patients take part in the preparation and monitoring of their own dialysis.
  • The AK 95 S has a hygienically engineered flow path utilizing the Gambro Clean Cart concept to ensure hygiene standards remain high, and can be easily maintained even in the busiest clinics.
  • And since all machine components are designed for the rigours of daily clinical use, maintenance and repair intervals are long.
  • That combined with the simple operation of the AK 95 S keeps operating costs low
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