Palm Oil

Uses of Palm Oil Some of the uses of red palm oil include: 
  • Cooking oil: Similar to coconut oil, palm oil is resistant to heat compared to other vegetable oils. Its stability also makes it easy to store at room temperature for many months.
  • Tasty ingredient: Palm oil is used as an ingredient in soups and sauces, or as flavouring in certain dishes. 
  • Dietary supplement: Palm oil has a superior nutrient profile that makes it useful for supplementation. 
  • Personal care and household products: Palm oil is added to soaps and detergents, cosmetics, and other household products. 
  • Skin moisturizer: Due to its nutrient-dense profile, palm oil is beneficial for skin health. It is added to a number of skin care products. 
  • “Sunblock”: With its high levels of carotenes, red palm oil provides protection as a commercial sunblock with SPF15, but without the dangerous components. 
  • Biofuel: Palm oil is fast becoming a resource for biodiesel and as a fuel in electrical stations.